ROGUE Ferret is the ninja of news, the samurai of scoops, the Jedi of journalism, the… ok, you get the point.

In case you were in any doubt, this is a satirical news website (the talking rabbits were a hint). Our aim is modest – to amuse, entertain and distract office workers from their gainful employment.

Our site contains the odd sweary word and is targeted at those over the age of 18, in particular intelligent and beautiful people like you.



2 comments on “About
  1. Dont know why i feel the need to say this but i unintetionally created, only a few days ago, a blog also called ‘Rogue Ferret’ kinda aiming to do the same thing as you (satrical posts on uk politics and stuff). Just thought id let you know coz its weird huh? Anyway i guess i’ll change the name now
    Auf Wiedersehen, LK

    • What are the chances of that? Especially as you were planning to write about the same subject. Actually, I originally wanted to call my site Reverse Ferret because it’s a journalistic term, but someone had beaten me to it…
      Anyway, good luck with your site

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