Is it too soon to use ‘Christmas came early’ cliche, ask football pundits

Kamara puts the 'pun' in pundit

Kamara puts the ‘pun’ in pundit

Football pundits are wondering if it’s too early to use the old ‘Christmas came early’ cliche.

The festive phrase is much beloved of sports commentators and reporters, who, being tremendously stupid, often carry on using it on Boxing Day.

A recent study by the Linguistics ThinkTank has discovered it is used most frequently when referring to Manchester United, as in ‘Christmas came early when Man United were awarded a penalty’.

In terms of frequency, the second most common usage by commentators was: ‘Christmas came early when Dejan Lovern gave the ball away to an attacker’. Third on the list was ‘Christmas came early when Tim Howard let the ball slip through his fingers’.

Sky Sports pundit Chris Kamara said: “Halloween’s over, there’s Christmas decorations in the shops, so I should be allowed to rip the arse out of the hackney old phrase until everyone’s thoroughly sick of it.”

But Bournemouth fan Barry Jones said: “I swear to God, anyone who says or writes ‘Christmas came early’, I’ll kill them. With a pick axe.”


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