Dugdale U-turn on chewing gum

Minty fresh destroyer of worlds

Minty fresh destroyer of worlds

Scottish Labour leader Keiza Dugdale has abandoned her long-standing opposition to the scrapping of Trident.

The about turn came after more than 70% of her party voted against the renewal of Trident.

Dugdale said: “I don’t know what the big deal is – it’s only chewing gum for God’s sake. But what can I do? In this case I’ve clearly underestimated my party’s loyalty to Airwaves and Juicy Fruit.”

Asked whether she thought removing Britain’s nuclear deterrent from Scottish soil would make the country safer, Dungdale replied: “What nuclear deterrent?”

When informed enough nukes to end the world were stored at Faslane near the Holy Loch, Dugdale said: “That’s really a matter for the Israelis, isn’t it?’


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