No-one wearing sportswear do sports

Jordan models his 'running from cops' outfit

Jordan models his ‘running from cops’ outfit

SPORTS shops have been forced to rename sportswear lines after it emerged practically no-one buying the clothes did any sport.


Consumer expert Nick Jones said the changes was long overdue.
“For years sports shops have pedalled this myth that their clothing is specifically designed for wearing while participating in sport, rather than what it is – comfy clothing for fat people.”
He added: “This clever marketing has hoodwinked generations of ignorant twats into thinking that simply wearing a tracksuit will make them fit.”
However, 17-year-old tracksuit wearer Jordan McLafferty from Glasgow said: “Ok, me and my pals don’t play much sport, but we do have to run fom the police a lot. You try climbling a seven foot high fence in skintight jeans, see how far you get.”

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