Federer calls for Djorkovic to be stripped

Federer and Djorkovic have traded volleys over the so-called 'pants-gate'

Federer and Djorkovic have traded volleys over the so-called ‘pants-gate’


ROGER Federer has called for Novak Djokovic to be stripped of his Wimbledon title over claims the Serb wore ‘coloured briefs’.

The Swiss tennis star, who is well-known for his sartorial elegance, said: “The rules of the All-England club state players must only wear white clothing.

“I clearly caught a glimpse of blue underpants as Novak smacked another backhand past me on Sunday.

“Thus he is in breach of the rules and must hand over the trophy together with the massive winner’s cheque. I don’t need the cash, so will be donating the money to charity – just to piss him off.”

However, the Serbian angrily refuted the suggestions in the so-called ‘pants-gate’ affair.

“My undergarments were… how you say… as pure as the driven snow,” Djorkovic said. “Ok, so I may have slightly discoloured them when I lost the second set tie-breaker, but not so you’d notice.”

A spokeswoman for Wimbledon said: “Me and the girls are going to have to look into these allegations thoroughly. We might even have to access secret footage shot in the locker room. Only then can we get to the…erm.. bottom of this.”

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