Royals to launch Charlotte merchandise

Huge monetary potential. And cute too...

Huge monetary potential. And cute too…

TIRED of being labelled scroungers, the Royal Family has launched a range of Princess Charlotte merchandise.
Products including Charlotte mugs, stationary, romper suits and lighters will go on sale online tomorrow.
The idea is the brainchild of the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, who already run the sucessfull Party Pieces website.
Mr Middleton said: “Now’s definitely the time to cash-in. Charlotte is just so cute! And she can’t protest.”
He added that the business had huge potential.
“The Americans and Japanese will buy any old shit,” he said, “Just whack a pic of Charlie on it, maybe a little royal seal, and you’ll get £9.99 for a pen.
“It’s not too late for George either. I can see a clothing range in the offing – although there could be copyright issues with Asda.”

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