Pontypandy villagers massacred

Bronwyn suffered a 'momentary bout of bloodlust',

Bronwyn suffered a ‘momentary bout of bloodlust’,

ALMOST every inhabitant of Pontypandy has been massacred, it has emerged.

The Welsh village where Fireman Sam is filmed contains the same small list of characters week after week after week.

Samantha Millar, who is forced to watch the cartoon all day every day by her three-year-old son, said: “There seems to be loads of houses, but you only ever see the same people. Pontypandy looks like an idyllic little seaside town, but you never see any daytrippers walking the quayside, or local people strolling the streets for that matter.

“The only thing you see is Norman Price starting a fire and getting rescued. The little ginger fucksquid should be in a young offenders institution.”

It has now emerged that every other resident of Pontypandy was killed in a single night of murder and mayhem.

A spokesman for the cartoon said: “Bronywn, who runs The Whole Fish Café, just lost it and went on a rampage with an axe.

“It was a hell of a mess, but the show must go on, as they say.”


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