Prince George brands sister a ‘poo head’

Prince George is taken away after trying to feed his sister soil

PRINCE George has branded his sister a ‘poo head’.

The first-born son of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is said to be less than enamoured with the new edition to the royal family.

A royal source said: “He can’t stand the sight of her. The other day I found him trying to force a marble into her ear.

“Kate and William are at their wits end – it’s been suggested they take Charlotte and lock her in a tower until young George joins the army, or navy, or RAF, or whatever”

Historian Bernard Hawthorn said: “This could in the future plunge the country into civil war. We’ve all seen the deadly consequences of sibling rivalry in Games of Thrones. The House of Windsor is very similar to the House of Lannister in many respects. Although without the dwarf, obviously.”


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