That’s a shitload of potatoes

Enough to feed Africa... or an Irish family

Enough to feed Africa… or an Irish family

THAT’S a shitload of potatoes, it has emerged.

As shoppers searched futilely in the fruit and veg aisle of Tesco for loose spuds, it emerged only sacks containing enough potatoes to feed everyone in Africa were available.

Tesco customer John Cook said: “I live on my own since the wife died, so only a few potatoes would do me fine. I mean, it’s not like I have them with every meal – I like to go mental sometimes and have pasta or rice.

“I’ve taken to using the spare potatoes to throw at the neighbour’s cat. Got the wee bastard square between the eyes earlier on – it really made my day.

“All those poor Irish peasants who died in the potato famine would be spinning in the graves.”

However supermarket customers in Ireland took an opposing view.

Niamh O’Neill said: “Sure, that sack of spuds’ll barely get me through the day. I’ll just take another couple to be on the safe side. We all know what happened when we ran short the last time.”



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