Shapps denies Wiki ‘penis’ claims

It's about this size...

It’s about this size…

GRANT Shapps has denied he altered his Wikipedia entry to say that he had the biggest penis in Britain.

The Tory Party chairman said accusations contained in the Guardian that he changed his entry and those of his political rivals were “utterly false and defamatory”.

“Although, it must be said I am particularly well hung,” Mr Shapps added.

The Guardian reported Mr Shapps’ Wikipedia entry was amended in June 2012. Prior to that it read: ‘Grant Shapps (born 14 September 1968) is a British Conservative politician. He won his first seat in the general election on May 5, 2005. Shapps was returned to parliament at the election of May 2010 with a 17,559 majority.’

After June 2012 the entry read: ‘Grant Shapps (born 14 September 1968) is a brilliant British Conservative politician. As well as being the most well-endowed man in Britain, Shapps is highly intelligent and has smoldering good looks. He won his first seat at the general election in May 2005, with thousands of women lining the streets to welcome him into parliament, many of whom threw their underwear towards him and begged to have his babies.’

Shapps also denied that he, or someone working for him, had altered the Wikipedia entries for Tory party rivals George Osborne, Philip Hammond and Justine Greening.

Details added to Mr Osborne’s entry insisted the Chancellor is involved in a pagan cult, while it was said colleagues of Mr Hammond commonly refer to the foreign secretary as a ‘jizz monkey’.






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