Sterling’s great gas, says Rodgers

Guilty of having a laugh

Guilty of having a laugh

BRENDAN Rodgers has said he couldn’t give a shit if Raheem Sterling injects liquid LSD into his eyeballs so long as he helps Liverpool reach the FA Cup final.

While publically condemning his star forward after pictures emerged of Sterling inhaling laughing gas, Rodgers privately thinks it’s actually quite funny.

“You should have heard him,” Rodgers said, “he sounded like an alien having his balls chopped off with a blunt razor. Fucking class!

“Of course we only want super-professionals here at Liverpool who sit about all day focussed on training and their next kale and broccoli smoothie, but Raheem’s a young lad so I’ll let him off.

“But if he doesn’t score against Villa on Sunday I’ll tear him a new one.”

Sterling has been the focus of anger for some sections of the Liverpool support because he is trying to negotiate a good contract.

Fan Gary Murphy said: “Little shit should be playing for the shirt, not the money. If I was Brendan I’d offer him free meals and digs, end of.”



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