‘This is so bloody typical,’ says Europol boss

Terror at you're fingertips

Terror at you’re fingertips

SECRET Service chiefs have said they’re not playing anymore because criminals are cheating.

Europol boss Rob Wainwright said he was going home to play with his Lego because people were using encrypted communications and spoiling the game.

“This is so bloody typical,” he said. “We should be allowed access to everyone’s emails and mobiles, because them’s the rules.

“Just yesterday I was listening to a very interesting and faintly erotic conversation between a housewife from Tooting and the architect who is designing her loft conversion – luckily her mobile phone wasn’t encrypted, but if she’d been using Whatsapp or Snapchat I’d never have known the conversion was costing £35 grand. And that could have been disastrous.”

On the question of privacy and civil liberties, Mr Wainwright said: “Eh?”

However, terrorist Norman Smith said he had been tempted to try the new encryption software.

“MI5 foiled a couple of extravaganzas I had planned for last year, so, yeah, I might check it out. People don’t understand the amount of work that goes into planning an attack, so to have it all unravel because of a stray email is a bit frustrating.”

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