Rodgers pens volume of haiku

Men in shorts, ball, shouting... bah.

Men in shorts, ball, shouting… bah.

BRENDAN Rodgers is to publish a volume of haiku, it has emerged.

Sources close to the Liverpool manager revealed he has become obsessed with the short form of Japanese poetry.

“It’s got to the point where he won’t even watch the team play,” one source said. “We’re all like, ‘Bren, Coutinho’s taken a knock, will we put on Stevie G or go with Lucas?’, and he’s like, ‘yeah, whatever’, scribble, scribble in his stupid notebook.”

It is believed Rodgers was first introduced to haiku under the tutelage of Master Shino Wasakamino while studying for his UEFA A managerial licence.

A colleague from those days said: “There was a small group of us who would meet in secret after training to discuss the essence of existence and the 4-4-2 versus the 4-5-1 formation.

“Since then, ‘all that poncy arty shit’, as it was once viewed, has become acceptable, trendy even. You can’t watch Match of the Day without seeing some manager composing verse on the sideline. Even Jose Mourinho’s at it now, although generally he prefers to whinge like a baby at the fourth official.”

Rodgers refused to comment on his new foray in haiku, saying the poems spoke for themselves, although he did allow The Ferret to exclusively publish an example from his new volume, entitled Technically Adept:

Sodium glare

a swallow falls silently

as Balotelli miscues

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