Immigrant pictured riding seagull

THE Daily Mail has published a frankly unbelievable picture of an illegal immigrant hitching a ride on the back of a large seagull.

The image was allegedly snapped by Mail reader Trevor Northwood while attempting to photograph a gannet colony near the famous white cliffs of Dover.

Mr Northwood told the Mail: “As I gazed across the azure English Channel, I noticed a dark shape on the horizon. At first I thought it was a dragon, so you can imagine my surprise when it flew closer and I realised it was actually a swarthy-looking child sat astride a seagull.”

Mr Northwood said he managed to fire off a few quick shots before the gull landed and its passenger scurried away into the undergrowth.

Ornithologist and sociologist Graham Shipley said it was the first time a human has been photographed riding a bird, but it was a phenomenon experts have widely predicted.

He added: “How did so many immigrants get over here? They didn’t all paddle across from Calais so it seems obvious that at least some must have taken an airborne route, perhaps at night on the back of owls, hence the reason we’ve never spotted them before.”

However, the Mail has since been forced to refute claims the picture is heavily photoshopped. Editor Paul Dacre said: “The image we ran is completely genuine. Yes, we’ve sharpened it up a bit, but we have absolutely not crudely tricked it up in a bid to scare our readers.

“I expect it’s these loony lefties who are once again trying to discredit us.”


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