Confused Scots irate at GB football plan


Ok, maybe Scots should have their own team

Ok, maybe Scots should have their own team

SCOTS who voted to remain part of the UK are livid at proposals for a Great British football team to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics.Having given Westminster permission to take most of the major decision that affect their country, Scots have drawn a red line at the national football team.

Confused Scot Martin McMillan said: “C’mon the Tartan Army! Up the English! Get tae fuck ye Sassanach bastards!”

When asked if he voted for independence in last year’s referendum, Mr McMillan said: “Em, no.”

Psychologist Stephen Williams said: “Scots appear to be labouring under the misapprehension that football is important – much more important than, for example, having a say on whether a nuclear weapon is parked in your back yard or which Middle Eastern country to bomb next.”

Scottish academic Dr Willie Brown said: “This proposal smacks of another attack on Scottish national identity. Football, or ‘fitba’ as we like to call it, is sacrosanct and we will not put up with anyone telling us we can’t follow a dreadful team that’s destined to lose.”

He also raised fears that a GB team would mean an end to tartan mini-skirt wearing fans.



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