This Morning to launch ‘filth’ slot

ITV have announced plans for an ‘anal fun for beginners’ segment on This Morning.

Still traumatised

Still traumatised

Following their hit feature on bondage ahead of the cinema release of 50 Shades of Grey, the station hopes to capitalise on the insatiable desire of housewives and the unemployed for filth.

“Anal sex is so ‘of the moment’,” said This Morning editor Declan Higgins. “It’s all over the internet, at least the sites I like to visit.”

Mr Higgins revealed plans for a daily slot, with ‘anal fun for beginners’ followed by ‘DP with confidence’, ‘the great bukkake diet’, ‘dogging your way to health’ and ‘teabagging essentials’.

When asked if he had any qualms about presenting the topics, host Phillip Schofield said: “I started in TV with my hand up Gordon the Gopher, so this is really no different.”

Co-host Christine Bleakley said it was all good clean fun “compared to what me and Frank get up to”.

However, some viewers have expressed concern about the content of the show in recent weeks.

Man who watches the telly, Stanley Bridgeton, said: “Once an image of Phillip Schofield with a butt plug rammed up his derriere is in your head, it’s difficult to shift, short of a full-frontal lobotomy.

“I’m booked in for one next month.”



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