Queen gives rude hand gesture on new coin

You're all such wankers

You’re all such wankers

A NEW coinage portrait of the queen depicts the monarch giving a ‘wanker sign’, the Royal Mint has revealed.

The £2 coins feature the 88-year-old queen in three-quarter profile, her gaze cool as she gestures with her right hand.

It is only the fifth definitive coin portrait to have been created during her 63-year reign and she decided it was ‘time for a change’.

The portrait was designed by engraver Graham Spark and was chosen by a Royal Mint Advisory Panel from a selection of five potential designs. The four others showed the queen sticking her tongue out, doing ‘gangsta hands’, ‘flicking the Vs’ and imitating fellatio.

Mr Spark said it was a ‘great honour’ to be chosen, adding: “I think my design encapsulates exactly what Liz is thinking behind that regal exterior.”

Horatio Stirling-Rees Mahogany, chair of the Royal Mint Advisory Panel, said: “We had some great designs that really reflect the queen’s iconic status as head of the Commonwealth. It was a split decision, but in the end we thought Graham’s design brilliantly captured that nonchalant sense of entitlement and loathing of her subjects that us Brits just can’t get enough of.”


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