Russia to let crimes be investigated by chief suspects

RUSSIA has passed a new law that allows chief suspects in criminal cases to lead the investigations into their supposed crimes.

Russian courts will probably hear fewer, if any, cases

Russian courts will probably hear fewer, if any, cases

The suspects will be given the fall support of policing authorities for as long, or as short, as their enquires take.

It will then by up to them whether or not to publish their findings, or indeed lack of findings.

The bold new legislation has the full backing of President Vladimir Putin, who is currently running his own investigation into the murder of Boris Nemtsov.

Mr Putin said: “My investigation into myself will be rigorous with, how you say in your stupid language, ‘no stone left unturned’. Yes, I will be turning lots of stones.”

Asked how long his enquiry would take, Mr Putin smiled and shrugged: “Not so long, I think.”

When further questioned on whether he would be willing to prosecute himself if he discovered links between himself and Mr Nemtsov’s killers, Mr Putin shrugged, again.

The president added that he did not want to prejudice the outcome of his enquiry into himself.

“Who knows what I will find,” he said, “it may be Boris’s murder was a plot by the West to destabalise Russia. I think there is a fairly good chance that will be the conclusion of my enquiry.”

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