Lovern penalty was all about my genius, insists Rodgers

LIVERPOOL manager Brendan Rodgers has again reinforced his tactical nous by handing Dejan Lovern responsibility for taking the vital penalty against Besiktas in the quarter final of the Europa Cup.

The defender missed the spot kick

Didn't want to win anyway

Didn’t want to win anyway

leaving Rodgers free to concentrate on finishing mid-table in the Premier league.

Rodgers said: “When it comes down to penalty kicks, clearly there’s a good chance your last penalty taker is going to have that extra wee bit of pressure on them. You might think a decent manager would hand that responsibility to a striker, or at least someone who doesn’t kick every ball 60 foot into the air, but that’s why I’m a maverick. I’d already substituted Balotelli, so Dejan was the obvious choice to me, although to the uninitiated it must have seemed an obscure decision.”

As the ball soared over the bar and out of the stadium into the cool Turkish night air, an unsmiling Rodgers raised one arm in what has become his trademark celebration.

Rodgers added: “Now that I’ve saved this great club from the embarrassment of playing in such a shit competition, I can fully focus on getting well and truly shafted by Man City this weekend.”




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