Women stink, claims Telegraph

It's called a shower

It’s called a shower

THE Daily Telegraph’s drive to alienate its entire readership has continued with a new story claiming women smell.

The article came on the back of a survey by Boots the chemist, which claimed four out of five women don’t shower enough.

The story appeared alongside a half-page Boots advert that featured a two-for-one offer on shampoos and shower gels.

A Telegraph leader comment also referred to the study, urging women to ‘clean up their act’. It stated: “We all know the old joke – why do women wear perfume and make-up? Because they’re ugly and smell. Well, this survey goes some way to showing that’s not actually a joke.

“It is now a matter of urgency that the women of Britain clean up their act. Fortunately, there’s never been a better time for them to do this, with respected high street chemist Boots offering some truly amazing deals on personal grooming products.”

Telegraph reading man Stanley Bridgeton said: “Yes, I did notice the headline, but generally I avoid stories about women. They’re always moaning about something.

“Cricket, that’s what I want to read about. And the weather.”

However, woman Susan Crowley said: “The only thing that stinks is this story – of bullshit.”



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