Jong-un and IS take out Telegraph ads

Has always taken the Telegraph

Has always taken the Telegraph

THE Telegraph has announced a huge spike in advertising revenues, with a string of banks, rogue states and Katie Hopkins among their newest customers.

The newspaper’s secretive owners, the Barclay brothers, said the new contracts would in no way alter the editorial output, which will remain steadfastly dull.

However, analysts noted there has been no mention of the Ukrainian crisis in the paper’s last three editions, ever since the Russian Tourism Board took out a full-page ad.

Other adverts that caught the eye in today’s edition include a17X4 on page eight featuring Kim Jong-un, an Islamic State advertorial on page twenty-three and a half-pager in the weekend supplement touting Tony Blair’s latest speaking tour.

Telegraph reader Stanley Bridgeton, 67, said: “Yes, today’s paper seems light on so-called ‘news’, but there’s plenty about the weather, which is all I’m after anyway. That and cricket.”

Despite assurances from management, some Telegraph journalists have suggested the advertising department is dictating editorial policy.

Chief football correspondent Ben Jockstap said: “I’m being forced to write about conference games. The editor said the league had been sadly maligned in the paper for years and that accounted for out shift of focus. Apparently it was nothing to do with all the top clubs taking out adverts.”





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