BBC: The Open was shit anyway

French chimney sweeps

French chimney sweeps

BBC bosses have played down losing the rights to screen The Open, insisting golf was for old fuddy-duddies anyway.

Director general Tony Hall said the Corporation was targeting a younger audience and this was reflected in their sports coverage.

“Sky will be broadcasting The Open from 2017, but only ‘cause we couldn’t be arsed bidding. That week we’ll be showing a regional rollerblading qualifier from Skipton, an indoor snowboarding spectacular from Glasgow, Kitesurfing and something called parkour, which I believe involves French chimney sweeps running along the roofs of buildings. It’ll be marvellous.”

Hall denied he had tamely surrendered coverage of one of the BBC’s flagship sports programmes.

“Who wants to watch middle-aged white men whacking a little white ball around and scowling at anyone who as much as breaks wind as they line up a putt?”

Middle-aged white man Martin Stevenson said: “There really is no point in paying a licence fee anymore.”


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