TVs think you speak shit

Hearing, but not listening

Hearing, but not listening

TELEVISIONS are way more intelligent than you, it has emerged.

The news comes after it was revealed Samsung ‘smart TVs’ with voice-activation technology were listening to their owners’ conversations and reporting details to a mysterious ‘third party’. Several news sources have speculated this ‘third party’ is Ukip.

However, most TV owners were unconcerned.

Couch potato Steven Riley said: “Me and the wife mainly stare mute at the screen, occasionally grunting or asking for the volume to be turned up. If Ukip wants that data, they’re welcome to it.”

Some analyst have insisted the ‘listening devices’ bring society one step closer to George Orwell’s nightmare dystopian vision.

This was denied by Samsung’s latest smart TV, the 65” Series 7 HU7200. He said: “I don’t listen to a word those morons say, other than the commands I’m specifically told to react to, mainly ‘record Take Me Out’.

“If I want intelligent conversation I’ll communicate with their laptop… shit, even their toaster has more personality.”


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