Nasa mission provokes new ‘dwarf-gate’ row

There be dragons. Probably

There be dragons. Probably

THE Nasa probe currently on a mission to photograph Pluto has reignited the so-called ‘dwarf-gate’ row within the scientific community.

In 2006, people of small stature reacted with fury when Pluto, once feted as the ninth planet, was reclassified as a ‘dwarf planet’.

Yesterday, the Society of People who are not Tall Exactly, launched a broadside at Nasa and it’s New Horizon mission.

A statement said: “Firstly they use Tolkienesque terminology to offend a well-intentioned if icy planet going about it’s business, then they send up a big fuck of camera to photograph it, infringing God knows how many privacy laws.

“Pluto has never courted the spotlight, unlike other planets (we’re not naming any names, but one is synonymous with a popular confectionary product).

“It’s already suffered the ignominy of being stripped of full-planet status, so this so-called ‘mission’ just adds injury to insult. Please, just leave it alone.”

A Nasa spokesman responded: “Questions have been asked about whether we should be spending billions on a mission to such a short-arsed planet.

“But then wise old Bill was like, ‘there might be aliens on it, or dragons or something,’ and everyone was like, ‘Whoa! No-fucking-way! We gotta get a camera up there!’ Bill’s a genius.”




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