Hell looks a lot like kids soft play

Ball pit of doom

Ball pit of doom

HELL is soft play on a rainy Saturday afternoon, a heart attack survivor has claimed.

Maureen Mitchell, 42, from Glasgow, believes she caught a glimpse of the afterlife as medical teams fought to save her life in the city’s Western Infirmary last week.

Still clearly shaken by her vision, Mrs Mitchell said: “I was floating along this long white corridor. Then I came to a door with a big laughing monkey painted on it.

“It swung open, although I didn’t even touch it, and I was just hit with this wall of noise. It was like nothing I’d ever heard before – manic howling and crying, like someone having hot pokers rammed in their eyeballs.

“There were bodies everywhere. Children writhing on the floor and clawing their way up this big pee-stained fortress thing with the older kids at the top taunting them and parents at the bottom shouting and cackling.

“And the smell…oh my God! Like shitty nappy and sweat marinated in chip fat oil.”

Mrs Mitchell was revived after more than five minutes of CPR and says the experience has been a life-changer.

“God has given me a glimpse of the Hell that awaits, but I’m hoping it’s a bit like A Christmas Carol and there’s an alternative future if I mend my ways. I’ve already ended a 15-year affair I was having with my husband’s best friend, I’ve quit smoking and I’m going to Mass twice on Sundays.

“I hope to Holy fuck that’s enough.”



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